Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mexico City, Mexico

The reactions you get when you tell people you are going to Mexico City range anywhere from "Wow! That's going to be a great trip!" to "Be careful!  Stay safe!"  After spending five days in this world class "alpha city" I found the former to be much more accurate.   It was a great trip. 

The first thing you notice driving through Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico, or CDMX) is the colors.   Bright, primary colors of tarps and umbrellas everywhere to protect against the sun, to provide shade, if even a little.  Another thing you notice is the wave of humanity.  Mexico City is massive with close to 22 million people.  

Mexico City is an incredible city with more museums and history than anywhere I know of in North America, to include the world class Museum of Anthropology.  The city is one of the most culturally rich places I have ever been.  

The Metropolitan Cathedral in the central plaza of the city, or Zocalo, was built directly on top of Aztec ruins, and the cornerstone layed by none other than the Spaniard Hernan Cortez in 1521.  

Outside the cathedral on weekends Aztec culture is represented and celebrated by those dressed in period costumes and through cultural dance and rituals.

Ubiquitous shoe-shine stands seem to thrive in this city of leather shoes.

Because of pollution problems with gas powered cars in a city of 22 million people, some taxis are electric, but this is by no means the norm.  

Mexico City street scenes.

Two police officers eat at one of the thousands of street food stands that dot the entire city. 

The view from the Latin Americana Tower in the center of Mexico City.   

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