Saturday, December 13, 2014

Buon Natale from Baltimore's Little Italy

 As I waited for the arrival of Babba Natale and the lighting of the Christmas tree, I took a stroll around the ever charming Little Italy section of Baltimore.  There was just enough chill and moisture in the air to give the promise of snow at any time.   The ubiquitous green, white and red Italian colors seemed to blend flawlessly with the traditions of Christmas.  Especially in Little Italy.

Santa lighted against St. Leo's Church on Stiles Street.

The always colorful Sabatino's on South High Street and Fawn.

Just down from the bocce courts on Stiles Street is a wonderful display of green, white and red.  The only thing missing is snow.

After strolling through the neighborhood on a cold December night, the lights (and coffee) of Vaccaro's invited me in.

Santa himself was on hand to supervise decorating the tree and pose for pictures with everyone.  He even had early gifts for the children.

 After the crowd left, the now decorated and lighted Christmas tree reminds everyone who strolls into the neighborhood its Christmastime in Little Italy.  
Buon Natale!

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