Saturday, October 6, 2012

Times Square, New York City: Lights and Hustlers

I'm not sure anything can prepare you for the assault on most of the five senses when you walk into New York City's Times Square.  It has to be experienced.  Even at mid morning the lights are flashing and the entire square moves as if alive while food cards operated by Egyptian men start to fill the air with lamb, beef and chicken; smells that will forever remind me of New York City. 

To take it all in you have to get an elevated view.  If you walk up the steps at Duffy Square you see an opera taking place before you, played out in over a hundred languages.  There are two parts to it: night and day

 Your humble blogger at Times Square

The New York Police Department is ever present in Times Square with parked cars, foot and horse patrols and, I assume, plain clothes officers blending into the crowd, as well as cameras everywhere.  They even have a small sub-station lit with neon signs.  

Along with Batman, Spiderman (doing flips in traffic) and every muppet except Big Bird, these two stood over a subway grate and took pictures with tourists for a few bucks each.  

I noticed an Aeropostle store overlooking the square and decided to try to get a better view.  It's the only way to get a sense of just how many people come here each night. 

A little store to buy something to drink or a small souvenir near the Time Square NYPD substation.   


  1. Big Bird wasn't there because he was putting together a plan to save Sesame Street.....

    1. He was on a side street holding a "Will work for food" sign. The part about Spiderman doing flips in traffic is absolutely true.