Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

I had never been to an event like this until I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim, Pennsylvania.  It will not be my last.  The year was 1590 and Queen Elizabeth was ruler of a rich cast of characters.  As I walked around the faire I was often greeted with "Good day, my lord"  by a toothless beggar or jester, or some other English accented freak or ghoul. 

To take the next five pictures I used the Histamatic app on my iPhone, which I am enjoying more and more because it allows for a change of "film" as well as lens, and all the combinations of the two.  People are getting used to having their pictures taken with smart phones and sometimes it is just easier. The results speak for themselves. 

Maggie worked in one of the many shops at the faire. 

A very cool looking fountain.

Dresses for sale.

To say it was a photographers dream would be understatement.  Serious photographers as well those just wanting pictures to remember a great day of fantasy would really have to try hard not to get the shots they want here, whether with a telephone camera or a DSLR.  

I had no idea this man had sharp teeth until after I asked if I could take his picture, then he opened his mouth.  He was not part of the staff at the faire, but one of many people who come to escape for the day. 

A Joker

These two friars were walking the grounds, burbling on and on about the wages of sin and the dangers of entertainment.

A girl in the ethic music group Circa Paleo.  You can look them up online and listen to/buy their music.  They were very good and played a mix of Irish and Scottish music.

 This young woman worked at a sword making shop at the faire.

A very cool incense burner.  Dragon's blood was being burned all over the faire (I love that stuff!).

 The theme for the day I visited was "Irish".  I looked around for someone who looked unmistakably Irish.  Rose (above) ran a little cart selling beads and trinkets along one of the streets. 

A colorful dress in the crowd and a pirate.


  1. So very cool. Now I wanna go to a Renaissance Faire!

    1. It was very cool, and I went to one in Maryland the very next week. Consider the Maryland Renaissance Festival going on now and each weekend until the end of October.