Friday, July 27, 2012

Captain James T. Kirk: Famous Future Iowan

On March 22, 2228, right behind the little yellow building on the main street of Riverside, Iowa, a small farming community, Starfleet legend Jame T. Kirk will be born.   We know the exact location as it is memorialized by an engraved stone marking the very spot (below).   For those on a quest to find the marker, there are flags on the streetlight pointing to behind the building.   Yes, people from all over  do indeed come to find the marker.  When my son and I were there, a middle aged man on a motorcycle said he had "finally found it" (I'm not kidding).  Apparently, he was also on a quest.  

Your humble blogger in front of the USS Riverside in Riverside, Iowa (July 2012)
The USS Riverside sits outside the small Star Trek Museum, a few blocks from Kirk's future birthplace, and it has been there for at least 25 years.  The museum is relatively new and filled with Star Trek memorabilia and autographed pictures of the stars from the series.  Yes, William Shatner has visited Riverside and the Museum.  

Wanda was a huge help and I peppered her with lighthearted questions about Captain Kirk, and more serious questions about who has been here.  Several from the first show have been to Riverside for their annual Trek Fest, and this year an astronaut visited for the festival.  Leonard Nemoy was supposed to come one year, but got sick and could not make it, according to Wanda.  

On March 24, 1990, this time capsule was given to the people of Riverside, topped with a piece of meteorite crystal to act as an alarm clock to alert the people two centuries from now when to retrieve the capsule.  Just how it will alert them no one seems to know.  Perhaps Wanda has been sent back from the future as a steward of the capsule.  Who can say? 

What I can say is that if you are a fan of any of the Star Trek shows or movies, this is a must stop on any trip that brings you within 50 miles of Riverside, Iowa.  Wanda said this year at the annual Trek Fest there were at least 3000 people who came, many dressing in full Star Trek regalia.  I'm certain great fun was had by all.  

Your humble blogger hangin out with Kirk and Spock on a return trip to the Star Trek Museum.

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