Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Stone Bridges of Washington County, Maryland

Washington County, Maryland is the crossroads of Interstate 70 and Interstate 81, but within just a few miles of each lies some of the most picturesque countryside on the East Coast.  It is home to no less than 22 stone bridges dating back to the early and middle 19th century.  Many of them have been restored, and several still support traffic, but all are worth stopping and seeing.  

One of the bridges in the western Maryland countryside. 

A good friend of mine likes to say places like this have "bones."  That is, they never change, but the seasons and scenery change around them, making them places one returns to time and time and time again.  I like that idea....bones.  I like places with bones.  I like them as a photographer and I like them as a dreamer.   These bridges have bones!

The bridges are accessible all year around, but I like to go to in the summer, or the early fall (just a personal preference).  Plan to spend a day to see all the bridges (and some beautiful Maryland countryside), or an afternoon to see some of them.   I have made a Google Map to guide anyone interested in seeing them here: Bridges of Washington County


  1. Great pics! At first, the first one was my favorite, but as I kept going, I kept changing my mind. I am curious about the sky in your last pic though. Colored filter?

    1. No colored filter (I don't use them), it's the result of a circular polarizer. Depending on the angle of the camera (with filter on) relative to the sun, it can cause this effect. It's the same, or similar, as wearing a polarized pair of sunglasses.