Sunday, May 20, 2012

Roadside Oddity: The Farnham Colossi

If you were not looking for the Farnham Colossi while driving down a very rural West Virginia road you would wonder what the heck it was that just went by your window.  Knowing it is there does little to lesson the surprise at how large the statues in this yard really are.  Yes, this was a destination and I called ahead to see if I could visit, but you don't have to.  The owner said people from all over the country come and visit these collectible statues, the most complete collection in the country.

The Midas Man is one of only 400 made and the girl in the bikini is one of 100 ever made, with only 11 surviving anywhere.  You can find better descriptions across the internet, but I was interested only in seeing them and taking pictures of this awesome roadside oddity.    

Scattered throughout the yard were all kinds of unique and over-sized statues and oddities.  If you are in this neck of the woods, it is well worth a detour to get off the interstate and visit the Farnham Colossi.    

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  1. I was going to crack a "small" joke, but decided not to. This place might be a little spooky at night.

  2. There was a lot more to see than the larger statues. It's on private property and the owner, George Farnham, came out and told us the story and history of all the larger statues. The grounds are "natural" and the bugs were pretty bad, but it was worth the 30 minutes were spent taking pictures and wandering the property. A worthwhile adventure into the strange and different.