Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Second Best City Park in America

Hagerstown City Park was designed after Central Park in New York City and is sometimes referred to as America's second most beautiful city park.  As it happens I have been to both and I agree.  When you visit city park for the first time you are left wondering how some place as nice is not more widely known.  It is acres and acres of trees, canals, minor water falls, a lake and small ponds, fountains and trails, lined with hardened walk ways and brick walls and iron railings.  There are ducks and geese and an occasional eagle, and the ponds are filled with gigantic Koy.    

I spotted this young couple sitting and laughing and enjoying each others company while looking over this small pond in the park. 

Weeping willow trees line the canals and lake at City Park. 

 If you cannot make it to New York City to visit Central Park, Hagerstown City Park is not a poor substitute.  It is worthy of an entire day spent playing frisbee, flying a kite, walking the perimeter of the lake or just sitting under the shade of a tree and reading a book.  It has become my favorite park.  If you are ever in the area, or just passing by, do yourself a favor and visit this park.  You won't regret it. .  

A food pavilion where you can grab a snack or coffee or a cold drink on weekend afternoons.  


  1. Nice study of something I would otherwise never have known about! That's why I like your stuff, it's always interesting and you find things I've more than likely never heard of but end up finding fascinating! (And I know that little black bike is yours!)

  2. No, the little black bike is not mine, but who wouldn't have wanted a cool bike like that when they were a kid? But this one looks like it was bought like this. When I was growing up my brothers and I put them together from pieces of other bikes to make them look cool.

  3. City Park in Hagerstown is a nice park. I don't know who calls it the "Second Best City Park in America". Maybe someone who has never been to many parks. There are no brick walls. the walls are made of stone. Stone looks nicer than brick in my opinion anyway. There is Carp not Koi in the ponds. Koi are specially bred Carp there is a difference. Also bikes are not allowed on the path around the ponds.