Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ringling Brothers Circus: The Greatest Show on Earth

Before the show began people were allowed  to interact or take pictures of some of the circus performers.  I've always wanted to see a Ringling Brothers Circus, and they didn't disappoint.  This was an incredible two hour show!

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The Ring Master and his clown sidekick. 

This turned out to be my favorite picture I took out of over 100. 

An acrobat catching some air. 


  1. These are all great pictures, but my favorite if of the acrobat "catching some air." It looks like he's sitting down and taking a break. Then you see the crowd and realize he's up there in the air.

  2. My son and I had the least expensive seats there were, but they provided an great vantage for taking pictures of the entire floor. I wasn't disappointed at all.

  3. The audience in this case were those who paid for the entire "circus experience" tickets and were allowed down in the area during this part of the show. I chose the modest $15 tickets for the higher seats. I suspect these people paid over $50 each for the privilege of sitting where they are in the acrobat picture.

  4. Great photos Pat! What kind of settings and Camera were you using?

  5. Stan, I use a modest Nikon D-40, no bells and whistles, along with a standard lens. When taking pictures like this inside you have to "trick" the in-camera meter. I set the ASA at 1600 and then underexposed by one stop from the camera's metered setting. These pictures have been cropped in Photoshop Elements, but have not been heavily "processed." I'm very happy with most of them. And thank you for the compliment!

  6. Very nice! I've seen them at the Patriot Center and parading through DC on their way to the Verizon Center. They put on a great show!