Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Rainbow Diner: A Roadside Oddity

I admit it, I wouldn't have looked twice at this diner along Highway 340 South, near Charles Town, West Virginia, had it not been our destination.  I stumbled across it through an app I bought for my iPhone called "Best Road Trip Ever" about a year ago.  The app lists roadside oddities like The Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk in Riverside, Iowa, or The Bottle Cactus Ranch on Route 66 near Victorville, California.  Both of which I have visited, by-the-way.

It's unlikely you would even know about this place unless you are local, or you're a truck driver who stops here while passing through, or by word of mouth.  After a morning hiking and walking through the historic areas of nearby Harpers Ferry, I told my kids I had someplace "cool" we could go eat, rather than McDonald's.   They were a bit skeptical.

It wasn't long after we entered the diner they forgot all about their tired legs and were distracted by all the signs along the walls and ceiling, at least until our burgers and fries arrived.  Oh, the food here is average, and the burgers are nothing to brag about, but it was worth it to cross off yet another oddity.


  1. I'm digging the diner. Nice to be able to get a shot of the counter with no people in the way...

  2. I think we arrived after the lunch crowd, whatever that might have been. This was just an awesome old "joint". Immediately, about 10 different pictures I would like to do here popped into my head. I imagine myself here in the very early morning having breakfast and coffee. There is nothing on the outside of this building to indicate what you are walking into of the best parts about being a traveler: you never know what's around the corner or behind the next door. All travel asks of you is to be curious.