Sunday, April 29, 2012

Philadelphia Museum of Art

I'm an art lover.  I don't know a lot about it, but a know a little about some of it, and what I know about I like.  I want to expose my kids to art, just for the sake of doing so.  There is more to life than facts and figures and logic and reason.  There is art for art sake.  Art is for dreamers and lovers, and it is for travelers.  In times before photography, it is the only visual record we have; a glimpse into a time gone by.   The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a top notch art museum!

When I visited, the museum was sponsoring an exhibit by Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch Impressionist.  The additional fee of $25 per person to see the works wasn't to be this day.  I have seen many works by Van Gogh, and I didn't say I wouldn't pay the money to see so many, but not during this visit.  If you were blind and ran your palm or fingertips over the canvas of a Van Gogh, chances are good you could "feel" his work.  He painted using thick globs of paint with intense and aggressive brush stroke, as well as bright color.  

Looking toward downtown Philadelphia from the steps of the museum. 
On both sides of the steps winds the line to see the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit.  At $25 per person to see the exhibit, it was sold out!

Two classic paintings by Impressionist painter Claude Monet (above and below).  The museum had recently acquired several Monet paintings to it's collection and had around 10 of his works on display.  He is one of my favorite painters.   Just the presence of one of his paintings marks this museum as a serious one.   You should always look for his signature, spelled out, at the bottom of his paintings. 

A sculpture of the most famous Philadelphia native and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. 

A Rembrandt painting (Head of Christ) at the museum.

As luck would have it, the painting I most wanted to see, Death of Sardanapalus, by Eugene Delacroix, had been taken down recently.

In the picture below I stood at the statue of George Washington across the street.  I noticed the Tour of Philadelphia bus coming and waitined for it to cross into the frame before pressing the shutter. 

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