Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Only on the East Coast: The National Geographic Society

 When I was a young boy my paternal grandmother bought a lifetime subscription to National Geographic magazine for my family.  I remember sitting on the floor of the living room next to the cabinet that stored them, with their familiar yellow spines organized by year and month, and pulling one out and looking through the pages of pictures, even before I was able to read.   I was locked away in a small Iowa town and the places in the pictures might as well have been on another planet, even if they were pictures of the Illinois, Missouri or Minnesota, states that bordered my own.

I'm much older now, and that "lifetime" subscription has since run out, but I will never forget the inspiration they gave me to travel and explore, even if it was the town right down the road.   I've since visited many countries and states and cities and small towns.  Each one has something to offer the curious, and  I'm still curious, and I worked hard to make my kids curious.  Curiosity is an essential virtue of any traveler, as well as a virtue of anyone I have anything meaningful in common with.

On March 31st I was able to fulfill a dream of sorts.  I was able to visit the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C.  I felt like a kid again, knowing the great photographers and modern explorers had all been through this building at some point in their life.  The exhibits were Titanic and a traveling exibit about Samurai Warriors in the 19th Century.   This visit was one off the Bucket List!

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