Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania is a privately run sanctuary for over 40 wolves, offering tours a few times a week to the public.  They do not breed wolves, nor do they sell wolves.  Most of these animals were confiscated from people who thought they would make a great pet, or otherwise enjoyed the status of owning a wolf.   

My daughter and I made the few hour journey to arrive by noon, sharp.  As I attempted to pay the $15 fee for the tour, the elderly lady minding the cash register asked if I was a veteran.  As it happens, I am.  She told me veterans are admitted to the sanctuary at no charge on Saturdays.  I paid $10 for my daughter and we were on our way. 

We joined a group of about 15-20 people and our guide told us we could take as many pictures as we wanted, but no video.  No problem.  All the wolves are divided into areas with their respective pack, all of them behind chain link fences.  This made it a challenge to take pictures, but not impossible.  

Our guide had worked at the sanctuary for six years and seemed to know the names of every wolf in every pack, anything from Billie to Trinity to Geronimo to Loki (of crazy wolf-god fame).  Our guide also explained very well the pack dynamic and the alpha-leader's role.  We visited four separate packs.

Our guide threw some chicken over the fence to this pack of gray wolves and I snapped this picture as they anticipated where it would fall. 

Our guide feeding three wolves some chicken, bones included.  She said a wolf's jaw is four times stronger than an equal size dog.  Yikes!

A timber wolf being fed by our guide. 

Wolf Sanctuary of PA information and address.  If your ever within a few hour drive from this fascinating sanctuary and want to spend an afternoon learning about this magnificent animal, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to see so many of them in one place.  Well worth it!

Pictured below:  Two wolf lovers


  1. Great pics! That's somewhere I'm sure Anais and I would both like to visit...

  2. This place was unlike any other place I have ever seen. It's not a zoo. If you like wolves and want to see several hybrids interact within their respective pack, this is the place to visit.