Thursday, March 8, 2012

Einstein: The Coolest Statue in the City

You can't see it if you drive by it.  If you search for it on Google Maps, even if you know where it is, you can barely make out the outline from above.  You either have someone tell you where it is, read about it somewhere obscure (like this blog) or stumble upon it, because it's not one of the main attractions in Washington, D.C., yet it's very near a famous memorial.

As far as statues go, this one is huge, perfect for standing next to this great man and grabbing a few snapshots before heading on to see the rest of the city.  
The Albert Einstein Memorial is one of those statues I found out about after visiting the city several times.  Because it is hidden from street view and not advertised in any brochure or literature (none that I've seen), one gets the feeling you've come across something that was intentionally hidden.  And yet, it's merely one block off the beaten path.  It's easy to get to and there is no admission.

Einstein's famous equation and signature.  

Your humble blogger standing next to the great man of science in Washington, D.C.


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