Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cape May - Lewes Ferry: Looking Out Over Water

There's something about looking out over water.  Whether it be standing on the banks of the Mississippi, a backwater swamp or an ocean.  There is something even more when your surrounded by water and the wind in your hair.  I've ridden the ferry from Seattle, Washington to Bremerton many times, even seeing whales pop up briefly for air in the cold waters of Puget Sound on the crossing.  I boarded the Cape May-Lewes Ferry in Lewes, Delaware, with the simple goal of spending an afternoon exposing my kids to a ferry ride on the ocean.    

Looking north, up the Delaware Coast from the top deck of the ferry as it pulls out of the Lewes docks. 
On the return voyage from Cape May, my son and I fed sea gulls while standing at the netting near the back of the vessel. 
Old Glory, clouds, sea and the Delaware Coast. 

After the initial rush of excitement from boarding the ferry and exploring the ship, my son and daughter settled in by the upper deck railing to watch the shore recede in the distance and watch other ships sailing opposite ours. 
A ferry from Cape May, New Jersey headed for Lewes, Delaware. 
The great thing about ferries this size is the indoor seating and cafeteria (and wi-fi).  You can grab a lite snack or a cup of coffee  and sit inside on a rainy day and still enjoy the view.   

The Cape May, New Jersey Ferry Terminal

"Please Do Not Feed the Sea Gulls"  Rules like this were just made to be broken.  I have sailed on many ferries and have seen similar warning signs on every one of them.  I have also (on every one of them) seen people feeding the gulls.  It's like a rite of passage to do it, and a whole lot of fun!  It's kinda like walking on grass after seeing a sign telling you not to: Forbidden, but not criminal.  

The deck after a short summer rain storm. 
A ferry similar to the one we rode, docked in Lewes, Delaware.

This gull, along with a scores of his friends kept us company on the return trip to Lewes from Cape May.  
It wasn't long before I took this picture we spotted a school of dolphins.  As we passed the stone jetty into safe harbor, we were ready to get off the ship, all of us feeling lighter and much more relaxed.  I suspect it is only the experience of large bodies of water and wind and clouds and sun that can make you feel this way.  If you ever get the chance, just do it.  Ride out on a boat or ship, just to see the shore in the distance.  Do it just because you want to and you can.  I guarantee you won't regret it.

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