Friday, March 2, 2012

8000 Elephants

Along the Lincoln Highway (U.S. Route 30) in Pennsylvania you'll come across one of the strangest, and coolest, roadside oddities you may ever see.  I stumbled upon it by chance a few years ago, and recently went back when I was in the area.  Inside Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum are over 8000 elephants of all shapes and sizes and types.  The museum was also featured in the movie "Route 30, A Backwards Comedy, Hon!" (no, I haven't seen it).  In 2010 almost 2000 pieces of the elephant collection were destroyed when Mr. Ed's caught fire.  The museum is free to browse and a walk around the grounds outside reveals elephants hidden just about everywhere.  Some believe elephants bring good luck.  I don't know about all that, but this place if definitely worth a stop.  

An elephant hung on a tree outside the museum

Mr. Ed's collection is considered the largest personal collection of elephants in the world.  
Pink Elephants

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