Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Lost Dog

Who can travel very far without coffee?  Not me. I love coffee!  I don't think you understand...I LOVE COFFEE!  One of the first places I look for at any destination is a place to get a good cup of coffee.  Oh, I've been to the original Starbuck's in Seattle, and in my part of the country The Daily Grind is the coffee chain of choice, but these places are sterile, and they all look the same, sound the same and smell the same.  That's why places like The Lost Dog in Sheperdstown, West Virginia (see map below) are such a refreshing change.  This is a true coffeehouse.

The Lost Dog is a hip and trendy coffeehouse located on picturesque German Street  in Sheperdstown.  Outside during warm weather you likely to find all types of people sitting at the few rustic iron tables and chairs in the front of the yellow facade, listening to someone strumming a guitar or playing harmonica, while they talk, visit or smoke and people watch.  Clearly, this place is not only about the coffee. 

Once inside I was greeted by a a barrista in her twenties with a metal ring in her nose  and tattoos on her neck and arms.  She was the type who would say "Right on!" after everything I said.  "I'll take a medium non-fat latte'."  Her reply, "Right on!" with a smile.  I suspected she was drinking a bit too much of her own product, but she was pleasant and I wouldn't have expected anyone else behind the counter.  Somehow, the clean cut, green aproned Starbucks Barista would be strangely out of place here.

While you wait, you can look around at the eclectic artwork adorning the walls, floor and ceiling, or admiring the iron work of the chairs and tables.   This is a coffeehouse!  
If you ever find a place like The Lost Dog, stop in, get some Java and rest your feet and take in the atmosphere.  Places like these are few and far between.  

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  1. Love the Lost Dog! The best coffee ever :)

  2. I agree, Darlena! A great place for coffee.