Sunday, February 26, 2012

New York City

In New York's Central Park, near the West 72nd Street entrance is the Imagine mosaic, a tribute to John Lennon, who was shot to death in 1980 while returning to his apartment, just across the street.  I had to wait behind about 30-40 Italian tourist before kneeling on the mosaic long enough for my son to snap this picture. .  

Sometimes it seemed the only traffic on the city streets were these taxis.  They were everywhere.  Radio City Music Hall is in the distance.  

Saint Patrick Cathedral

An old friend of mine who is Catholic asked me to light a candle for him and his family if I visited Saint Patrick's while I was in New York.  The price for lighting a candle is $2, according to the sign in the picture, but I the smallest bill I had was only a dollar.  I admit, I only donated a dollar, then lit a candle for my friend.  Later I called him and told him he would have to make the difference up the next time he was in church. 

Inside Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

Times Square

A food vendor at Times Square

Since childhood I had always heard about the New York City subway system, and finally got to ride it . 

The New York Stock Exchange

New construction at the site of the World Trade Center.

The view from on top the Empire State Building looking toward Lower Manhattan. 

Grand Central Terminal

Nothing says "travel" like a train station

Inside Grand Central Terminal

The Chrysler Building 

Inside the New York City Public Library.  If you ever go to New York City and have the time, you should make your way to the second level of the public library.  It has been featured in several movies and free to enter.  There were no restrictions on photography either.  

Bryant Park, next to the public library

Walking down West 42nd Street at the end of a long day.


  1. Great shots! It's amazing how sometimes a mundane scene like people waiting for a subway or candles in a church, can make a great photo!

  2. I agree, Tony. The best travel pictures are sometimes the most mundane things. Something different, taken from a unique angle or direction. There is no right or wrong in my opinion, only the kind of pictures that make you happy and take you back when you look at them.