Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fossils and Swamps: Two Maryland Parks

Maryland has some of the best kept local and state parks I've ever encountered.   If you want to get away for a stress free day of walking, nature photography and fresh salt-water air, you could do worse than visit the Flag Ponds Nature Park and the Calvert Cliffs State Park on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  (see map below)  These are places you go to escape the crowds and enjoy the solitude of the beach.  You just never know what you may find.

Fishing cage and float along the beach at the Flags Pond Nature Park.  

A colorful tree losing its leaves in the swamp along the 1.8 mile trail to the beach at Calvert Cliffs State Park. When you stood very still and waited a few minutes, beaver and other animals would resume activity in the water.  If you looked very closely at the lily pads you would find little sets of frog eyes glaring back at you, but remaining very still.  
My son, hunting for shark teeth along the beach at Flags Pond

As a photographer you should always be ready for whatever you encounter.  In this case, this rustic pier jetting out into the swamp along the trail to the beach at Calvert Cliffs. 

Another view of this awesome, rustic pier.  Yes, I did walk out onto it.  Although I don''t think I was supposed to, I saw no signs prohibiting walking on the pier.  Had I saw them, I suspect I would have done it anyway. 
At the end of the 1.8 mile trail, you encounter the Calvert Cliffs.  "When the sea receded 20-25 million years ago, marking the end of the Miocene period, cliffs were exposed and began eroding. Today these cliffs reveal the remains of prehistoric species Including sharks, whales, rays, and seabirds that were the size of small airplanes."
 --Maryland Department of Natural 

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