Monday, February 27, 2012

Forward and Across: Sandy Point and The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

There's something about bridges, especially big bridges.  They take us where we want to go and they help us fill the void in our curiosity.  Without them we could only stand at the water's edge and look at the distant shore and wonder what it holds for us.   We marvel at their size and architecture and wonder how they were ever built.  A bridge this massive can scare the hell out of us and thrill us as we pass through the toll plaza and know there is only one way off...forward and across the water.  That's what traveling is all about...going forward and across. (pictured above: My son and I standing at waters edge at Sandy point State Park, Maryland)
To drive eastbound across the bridge you have to pay a nominal toll of around $2-3, but to drive westbound there was no toll and you can drive right onto the bridge and into Annapolis, Maryland.  
To understand the scale of this magnificent structure, click to enlarge the picture and notice the vehicle traffic crossing in both directions.  
The bridge is simply too wide to get into one frame

Sandy Point State Park sits at the base of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and in the height of summer a crowded beach and popular getaway for people from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.  You can swim in the warm salt water or just soak up the sun watching massive cargo and cruise ships sail under the bridge on their way to exotic places.  

A ship crosses under the bridge as mid day moves into the late summer afternoon.  Giddy kids play at the water's edge waiting for the ship's wake to wash onto shore.
The Sandy Point Shoal stands out in the blue water.  It's one of many unmanned light houses lining the rim of the Chesapeake Bay
If you are ever in the area of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, take an hour or two and stop at Sandy Point State Park.  More-so than driving across the bridge, it is the very best way to appreciate it's size and structure.  If you arrive early like my son and I did, you will feel like you are the only people on the beach. Get up early, grab some coffee and take an morning stroll next to this American icon.

A Google Map of Sandy Point State Park and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


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